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Paint Enhancement

Exterior Deep Clean

  • Safe Wash

  • Iron removal / DeTar / Clay Bar

  • Paint thickness is measured using a paint depth gauge

  • Various lighting is used to establish the condition of the paintwork

Paintwork is treated to a one stage enhancement process, to remove light paint imperfections, such as minor swirl marks to increase the gloss factor.​To seal freshly corrected paintwork we recommend Ceramic Coating for added glossiness, hydrophobic properties and easier maintenance.

Why choose Paint Enhancement?

Removes minor imperfections including fine/light swirls/scratches in the clearcoat/topcoat of the paint. It is perfect for cars with dulled paint that need a refresh. It will not remove any deeper scratches, heavy oxidation, or other significant paint defects, which may require more advanced correction techniques.

Time Taken: 5 Hours

6 Months paint sealant

From €300

Small / Medium / Large Car

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ADS | Auto Detailing Services

Client Testimonials

I have little time to clean my car with a busy life schedule, a regular valet with Nicholas keeps my car sparkling and clean inside. My car is my pride and joy and it's perfect after being with ADS.

James Cooper


AMAZING JOB! I found this place while searching for an auto-detailing place near me and I luckily found this one. Nicholas was able to fit me in within a week of calling him. It was done so fast and my car looks amazing.

Sinead Walsh


Had my car cleaned by Nicholas yesterday, he fitted me in at short notice & have done an excellent job, He is polite and professional from start to finish, I would definitely recommend!

Dan Berlow


Car Detailing that Speaks Quality